Why Choose a Contractor?


There is no doubt we are deep into a heavily candidate driven market, this combined with the well-known skills gap in the Engineering & Manufacturing markets means that more and more companies are looking to contractors to fill their recruitment and project requirements.

Here at SRA Engineering, we work with many of the industries leading contractors across a range of disciplines who can slot into your business and ‘hit the ground running’


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The benefits to your business

Quick Turnaround:

The main reasons companies look to bring in a contractor are to complete projects on time, to see them through transition periods or a busy auditing period, replacing a staff member on leave or through sickness or just to bring someone in to fill a knowledge gap within the business. The hiring process for permanent candidates can be a lengthy process but our average time from taking a contract vacancy to filling the role is a week.

We have had many situations where companies have identified the need for an urgent contractor on a Friday afternoon, and we have had someone start with them the following week.

Adding Value from day 1:

The contractors we will place with you will be highly skilled and experienced professionals. If you’re a Special Purpose Machinery manufacturer looking for a Mechanical Design Engineer or an Automotive business looking for lead auditor, we have candidates who can slot straight in and get the job done.

As an example, for CAD roles, we work with contractors who can work remotely with their own software. It will save you time on training / L&D hours as the contractors can pick up the task in hand straight away

A solution to a skills/experience gap:

We can place contractors with your business who can address short term issues within the business. If you are migrating from one CAD Package to another or converting legacy drawings, we can place a specialist with you to complete the work and if needed, train other employees.

You might be looking to implement a new Quality System within the business, a great option would be to bring in a highly skilled contractor to oversee the process.

Reduced costs:

While contractors charge a higher rate/salary than permanent employees initially, there are long term cost benefits. Contractors do not require an annual salary, they don’t get paid holiday, statutory sick pay, statutory maternity/paternity pay or pensions. You only pay for the hours they work.

The costs of not completing projects on time will far outweigh the costs of hiring a contractor.



We can tailor our contracts to suit your requirements, we can write them for varying weekly hours or a specific number of months. We can write in short or long notice periods to suit both parties. If your project is only expected to take six months to complete then it doesn’t make sense to hire a permanent employee, this is where a contractor is very beneficial.


Why choose SRA Engineering Consultants as your recruitment partner for contract roles.

We work with contractors across a range of disciplines in the Engineering & Manufacturing Sector including:


  • Design Engineers
  • Draughtspeople/CAD Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Quality Inspectors
  • CMM Programmers
  • CNC Programmers
  • CNC Setter/Operators
  • Quality Managers
  • Design Managers
  • Maintenance Engineers.


We make sure all our contractors are well referenced and have the relevant insurance. In some cases, our contractors will even have their own software or tools needed for the role.


We have a quick turnaround on our contract roles, our average time from taking on a contract role to filling the position is within a week.


We are partnered with some of the industry’s leading Umbrella and Payroll companies giving you peace of mind when it comes to contractor compliance.


We are Engineering & Manufacturing specialists, so we are well placed represent your business in the marketplace. Look at it as free marketing; we will be talking with industry professionals on a daily basis discussing and selling the benefits of working for your business.


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